Christina Lee is a life-long artist who has recently found her true artistic passion: painting dots.  Many, many dots, alternating from the large to the very tiny, are used to create her extraordinary dot mandalas.  The mandala (the Sanskrit word for circle) is a symbol that has been used in many cultures since ancient times to create a sacred space and as a meditation aid.  Christina’s art reflects the depth and beauty of this eternal form.  She earned her B.S. in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Portland and has worked in many art forms.  But it was Christina’s discovery of dot painting that completely changed her artistic focus, and she is passionate about exploring all its possibilities.  Recently diagnosed with autism, Christina has openly shared her discovery through her blog and her art.

Empowered by a deeper understanding of herself, she is exploring her life experiences through this new lens.  It is her goal to encourage others “on the spectrum” to honor and embrace who they are born to be.  Christina sets aside as much time as possible to create her exquisite dot mandala paintings.  She currently lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband, a science professor, her two young children and three adopted kittens, Fritz, ZiZi and Lulu.  When she is not home-schooling her children, tending her garden or canning its produce, she can be found painting.